Mustard Guarding and Protection

Perimeter Protection (Electrical Fencing and Razor Wire)

Electric Fence

Electrical fencing not only acts as a physical and psychological barrier, but also as an early warning alarm system, which is electronically monitored against cutting and shorting of strands in an attempted breaching of the perimeter.

Razor Wire

At Mustard Security Services, we will install high quality Razor Wire fence at your premises at affordable cost.

Communication and Mobilization

Supervisors attached to the guards make round the clock spot checks as well as monitoring through radio-call and personal visits to ensure discipline

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is maintained throughout their assignments.

We use one of the latest models of 2 way Motorola HF and VHF radios that supports our communication and HF radio voices with experienced signalers manning our 24 hrs rapid response central control room stations with let use masts fitted in our control room.

We have also posted our vehicles in all the branches to enhance supervision and mobilization, with our supervisors carrying operational control check charts for the guards during many surprise checks.

Undercover Services

Company Detectives

Better of all, we still give undercover services, whereby non-uninformed security guards are deployed amidst/work along other employees. In this way, he listens and plan together with others on possible ways to commit crime or interacts with criminal elements thus giving us prior-crime report.

This paves way to foil or arrest the culprits on the eventual act. Still, the same guard can use recordings in his/her mobile phone as they plan for evidence.

Security Guards

Security Guards

We have an integrated approach to providing security solutions. Our emphasis on training and vetting is at the forefront of our service delivery. This combined with a structured network of supervision and proven value additions to service means that we can protect and safeguard our client’s interests.

Our Charges

We charge our clients according to the sensitivity of the site after doing a site survey. Our service rates are subject to a negotiable based on the size and period of services.